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Arrive By Train, Then Walk!

Mirlees Fields Walking Route

Mirrlees Fields Walking Route

Did you know Walking can help you reduce your stress levels, improve your mood and keep your bones healthy and strong. For example a 25 minute brisk walk every day can add up to seven years on your life, and walking for just 20 minutes can burn off around 100 calories.

Transport for Greater Manchester is committed to promoting walking throughout Greater Manchester, encouraging people of all age groups and fitness levels to get out and walk. Whether you are exploring your local area, walking as part of your daily commute or taking in some fresh air during your lunch break we are here to help!

This self-led walk on Mirrlees Field close to Woodsmoor Station is part of a wider series of walks in and around Greater Manchester. You can find an annotated map which describes the walk and what to look out for here

Woodsmoor Station Friends - Mirrlees Walking Map

For more information on the other walks in this series, or on how we can help you, head to our walking pages.

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